Calcium chloride

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Calcium chloride


Calcium Chloride is a salt with the chemical formula of CaCl₂ which is highly soluble in water. Solid Calcium Chloride is mainly produced in powder and flake forms.


Calcium Chloride is widely used in a broad range of industrial applications. It is a premium salt that is used for ice control, road stabilization, dust suppression, and in oilfield applications. As a hygroscopic compound, calcium chloride is an excellent desiccant for removing dissolved water in liquids and is suitable for use in food packaging to increase dryness and prevent spoiling.

The oil and gas industry uses calcium chloride to increase the density of solids-free brines and to inhibit the swelling clays in the water phase of invert emulsion drilling fluids. Calcium chloride is widely used as an additive in plastics, wastewater treatment plants, and blast furnaces to improve processes and characteristics.