IRAlkali Co.

Caustic soda, a chemical with widespread applications, is obtained by the electrolysis of a sodium chloride (NaCl) salt solution in water, also referred to as brine. The outcome of this process is caustic soda lye or liquor—a sodium hydroxide solution in de-mineralized water.

As an indispensable industrial commodity, caustic soda has a pivotal role in the fabrication of a comprehensive range of industrial and consumer goods. Iralkali Co. possesses its production facilities approximately 180 km east of Tehran, Iran.

Why choose IRAlkali Co. ?

IRAlkali Co. produces caustic soda flakes taking advantage of high-tech facilities and applying modern conversion processes which accordingly let us reduce our production costs and be able to offer competitive rates together with consistent high quality.

We have established two offices and storage points in key locations such as Turkey and UAE. Having these offices enable us to be able to provide prompt shipping operations, banking transactions and top-class customer services. This network ensures efficient supply chain management and fast delivery to meet the demands of different industries located in different countries.

Iralkali Co. is a reliable supplier for a variety of industries. We show our commitment to reliability by using different methods of transportation, such as trucks, sea containers, and railways, to suit the specific needs of our customers worldwide.

With a deep knowledge of the chlor-alkali market and vast experience, Iralkali Co. is a reliable and skilled partner in meeting the changing needs of industries that use caustic soda.